Who we are

SFL – South India is An official charter team of SFL International that supports liberty.SFL-SI is an liberal student organization whose mission is to provide a unified, student-driven forum of support for students and dedicated to liberty in South India.

SFL does not dictate the foundations upon which individuals justify their belief in liberty. Rather, Students For Liberty embraces the diversity of justifications for liberty and encourages debate and discourse on the differing philosophies that underlie liberty.

What Students For Liberty endorses are the principles that comprise liberty:
  • Economic freedom to choose how to provide for one’s life.
  • Social freedom to choose how to live one’s life.
  • Intellectual and academic freedom.
Why in India :

Indian Youth and students are waiting for many reforms:

  •  They wish to enhance their personal and intellectual development through better choice in education;
  • They wish to increase employment opportunities through free markets;
  • they wish to protect human rights with a strong rule of law.
  • Young people are fed up with poverty, corruption and inequality in opportunities.
We are open to all who are interested in spreading ideas of liberty in South India. If you are student, volunteer or non-governmental organisation, please feel free to join our network.

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