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A project by Students for Liberty South India (SFLSI) And Language of Liberty institutemay 2014Banjarahills, Hyderabad, India
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About the conference

Liberty entrepreneur camps are joint project of Students For Liberty SOuth India and Language of Liberty institute  in India supported by International Society for individual rights , where we offer a unique combination of

  • exploration of classical liberal ideas (in philosophy, economics, ethics, entrepreneurship)
  • English conversation practice with native speakers
  • workshops on how to apply these ideas to solving problems in daily life back home

At each Liberty Camp, students expand their knowledge of classical liberal ideas, thinkers, and works. They also participate in discussions, debates, workshops, and presentations on these topics, thereby gaining more opportunities to practice speaking English.

We offer several types of workshops at our Liberty Camps, all emphasizing the application of classical liberal philosophy to solving problems now, in real life, and providing practice in giving a professional, business-like presentation in English to the entire group.

Our “entrepreneurship workshop” guides students to plan a new business, develop budgets and marketing strategies, and figure out how to raise money. Our “vision workshop” focuses on preparing a working blueprint for change in students’ home countries, emphasizing private, voluntary action to solve local problems such as pollution, unemployment, corruption, or poverty. Our “activism workshop” shows students how to apply effectively their desire to effect change through political processes.

For more information contact: Venkatesh Geriti; Email: ; Tel: +91 8985123231

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